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VIC187: Prosperity, Justice & Sustainability: Intro to Public Policy

Relevant sites

Statistics Canada

Starting from subject areas

(Topics lead to specific/configured data tables, some customizable. You'll need to read the details to get the facets you are seeking.) 

Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Current Bills

For the current parliamentary session

"House Documents"

Scroll down to the table listing previous Parliament sessions, click on a particular session to access meeting notes for each meeting during that parliamentary session (also links to the Hansard transcript).

See also: What is a Bill? (explanation)

    Ontario Parliament and Government (explanations and definitions)

Ontario Legislative Library and Legislative Research Publications

 Access point for:
  • High-level briefings on public policy issues
  • Provincial Affairs Briefings (summaries of current issues highlighting key resources, stakeholders)
  • Research papers on a variety of policy and parliamentary issues with an Ontario focus

Hansard Transcripts

(Transcripts of "the House"/Legislative Assembly of Ontario debates, statements +)

Try searching the Advanced Hansard Search 

Screen shot of the House Hansard Advanced search with "poverty reduction strategy" entered as keyword and the date range year 2011 to year 2021 entered.

Though, you may find it easier/"better" to use an advanced Google search (instructions here)

Federal Government

Bills (of the current parliamentary session)

Hansard Transcripts for Federal Gov't

(from the House of Commons, Debates, statements +)

Try the Advanced search of House of Commons transcripts. 
You can search by keyword, then you can limit to a specific parliament session, to a specific "discussed topic" tag, to a particular speaker or type of procedure and other refinements.

There is a comprehensive user guide for the federal Gov't Hansard search.

Glossary of parliamentary terminology (federal)

How (Federal) Parliament Works