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MGAD45: Corporate Governance & Strategy

Fall 2021

Academic Research

Explore these scholarly journals, news sources & industry databases.

To help you evaluate what to incorporate into your paper, see also Choosing the best sources.

Academic database searching

Concepts to consider when searching

Please add your own from lecture content, textbook and other readings.

Sustainability keywords
  • sustainability
  • "sustainability management"
  • "sustainability reporting"
Competitive advantage keywords
  • competition
  • "competitive intelligence"
  • "comparative advantage"
Inventory keywords
  • churn
  • turnover
  • "inventory control"
Reporting keywords
  • "reporting requirements"
  • "sustainability reporting"
  • "corporate Reporting"
  • "financial reporting"
EDI keywords
  • "gender equity"
  • "health equity"
  • multiracial
  • "minority & ethnic groups"
  • "workplace diversity"
  • "cultural & ethnic diversity"


Combining keywords using Boolean logic

See transcript

Image transcript: Using Boolean logic.pdf