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MGAD45: Corporate Governance & Strategy

Fall 2021

Welcome MGAD45!

Your upcoming report and presentation requires you to prepare a detailed, well-researched, evidence-based proposal to share with representatives of the organizations you're working with. 

Some key requirements of the assignment include:

  • analyze the business' competitive advantage
  • find quantitative and qualitative support for your recommended profit model
  • identify new potential initiatives that are in line with the business' purpose
  • investigate sustainability reporting
  • consider enhancements to equity, diversity and inclusion integration

The resources in this guide are supplementary to the those shared by your professor in class, which provide additional detail and background knowledge on the company. Please refer to the full assignment description for project deliverables.

Guide location:

Use this research guide for:

  • How to find good quality information from which you can make valid recommendations
  • Locating articles to validate your claims