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PRT358: Forests, Deserts, and Cities: The Environment in Brazilian Culture

This guide is to assist students in PRT358 class to locate resources for their final projects.

Numbers for Literary Authors

Works by and about a literary author are normally classed together under the same number. Literary author numbers are assigned according to the author's period of activity.

PQ9697.A-Z (Portuguese literatureBrazilIndividual authors or works or works1801-1960, A-Z)

  • Authors whose first publication falls between 1801-1960
  • The author number is determined by the first letter of the last name
  • Example: Ramos, Graciliano, 1892-1953 (PQ9697.R254)

PQ9698.1- (Portuguese literatureBrazilIndividual authors or works1961-2000)

  • Authors whose first publication falls between 1960-2000
  • The author number is determined by the second letter of the last name
  • Example: Hatoum, Milton,1952 (PQ9698.18.A85)

PQ9698.4-436 (Portuguese literatureBrazilIndividual authors or works2001-)

  • Authors whose first publication falls after 2001
  • The author number is determined by the first letter of the last name
  • Example: Evaristo Conceição(PQ9698.415.V37)


Numbers are further subarranged according to the Table for Authors (P-PZ)

Collected works   
Including collected works in specific genres
P-PZ40 .x date
By date   
(P-PZ40 .xA11-.xA13)
By editor   
Subarrangement by editor has been discontinued by the Library of Congress. Beginning in 2005, all collected works are subarranged by date
(P-PZ40 .xA14-.xA19)
Collected prose, poetry, plays, etc.   
For collected genres see P-PZ40 .x date
Translations (Collected or selected)  
P-PZ40 .xA199
Modern versions of early authors in the same language. By date   
P-PZ40 .xA1995
Polyglot. By date   
P-PZ40 .xA2
English. By date   
P-PZ40 .xA3
French. By date   
P-PZ40 .xA4
German. By date   
P-PZ40 .xA5-.xA59
Other. By language (alphabetically) and date   
P-PZ40 .xA6
Selected works. Selections. By date   
P-PZ40 .xA61-.xZ458
Separate works. By title   
Biography and criticism   
P-PZ40 .xZ4581-.xZ4589
Periodicals. Societies. Serials   
P-PZ40 .xZ459
Dictionaries, indexes, etc. By date   
P-PZ40 .xZ46
Autobiography, journals, memoirs. By date   
P-PZ40 .xZ48
Letters (Collections). By date   
Including collections of letters to and from particular individuals
P-PZ40 .xZ5-.xZ999
General works   


Example of assigned call numbers for author Clarice Lispector:

PQ9697.L585 Literary author number for Clarice Lispector
PQ9697.L585 L3 1974 Call number for Laçosdefamília written by Clarice Lispector
PQ9697.L585 Z48 2002 Call number for Correspondências (Correspondence) by Clarice Lispector
PQ9697.L585 Z952 2008 Call number for O discurso da falta em ClariceLispector : "Laçosdefamília" by Gilda Plastino - Criticism and interpretation