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HPS255 History and Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Use the full catalogue record to its fullest

When you click on the title of a book or eBook in the catalogue and view the full record for the item, 
you get helpful option and potential pathways to additional appropriate (on-topic) resources.

See annotated image below with corresponding numbered labels:

#1 Look at the official "Subjects", take note of those subject headings (deliberate tags to describe the topics covered by the item) and try a new "Subject" search in the catalogue using a combination of those subject headings

screenshot of a catalogue subject search with official subjects entred

This will give you more focused results than an "anywhere" (keywords anywhere search). 
Also, try clicking one of the Subject hyperlinks to get to more eBooks/books that have been tagged with that same subject, but keep in mind that this is not a foolproof method. It will definitely bring other relevant items to your attention at the top of the results list, but it won't necessarily be a complete list of all items on that topic because in reality, subject headings are not applied consistently (this method can still exclude some completely relevant results).

#2 See "More Details" this often provides a quick description of what the book is about and sometimes this section lists all of the chapter headings (it's a quick way of determining whether the book may be what you are looking for (before clicking on the full text if it's an eBook).

#3 You can mark records and email (or export to RefWorks) a list of items of interest. Helpful when you are doing a first search and will spend time later looking at items in detail. 

#4 Options button from where you can email an individual record to yourself (when you don't want to create a marked list) you can request a printed book (for curbside pickup during pandemic conditions) and sometimes there is a "cite" option that which provides the formatted citation for that book in several different citation styles and "link" provides a permanent/stable link for that item.

screenshot of an annotated catalogue record for a book with subject, more details and other options emphasized