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CRTD43 - Curating Contemporary Art

A libguide outlining various sources that you might need for research and writing in the course - Curating Contemporary Art

Welcome to CRTD43: Curating Contemporary Art

Welcome to the Libguide for CRTD43 - Curating Contemporary Art 

This guide is meant to assist you in your perusal of resources that you will use for the completion of your assignments. 

As we all know, we currently find ourselves in a highly unusual and unique situation. As such, the much of the conversations in curatorship currently focus on both the challenges and opportunities that arise in creating and showing art in the time of a pandemic. Additionally, the Black Lives Matter movement has provoked and motivated individuals and institutions to take account of systematic racism and the legacies of slavery and colonialism globally. These will be the focuses within the course, and this guide is meant to assist you finding related resources for the completion of assignments related to these topics. 

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Faculty Information

Alexander Irving, M.F.A

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Studio; Curatorial Studies