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FAH346 - Impressionism

This Guide is intended for students enrolled in FAH346: Impressionism, although it can be used by anyone else researching Impressionism and late 19th French century art.

Looking for Books in the Catalogue

If you search the word "Impressionism" in the UofT catalogue, you will get over 1640 items.  Many of these publications will be in French and other non-English languages.  You can always limit your results to books in English only, but we encourage you to view the books in French, particularly exhibition catalogues from major institutions.  You will see what works of art the author or curator is using to make their argument.  You may also find good citations listed in the bibliography.   

Some subject headings that you might consider using are:

Art and Photography -- France 

Impressionism (Art) -- France

Photogrphy - France -- History -- 19h century

Landscape painting, French -- 19th century -- exhibitions

Leisure Industry -- France -- Paris

Popular Culture -- France -- Paris -- History -- 19th century

France - Civilization - 19th century

Orientalism -- France

Photography, Artistic

Pictorialism (Photography movement)