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Research Guides

STA305 / STA1004: Design of Scientific Studies

Refining your search in Web of Science

For this assignment, you will want to limit your search results to only those articles that contain an experiment or clinical trail.  Limiting your search to articles that contain the word "experiment" in the title, abstract or body of the work, is the most effective way to find results quickly.   After you have run your initial search, type "experiment" in the Search within results for... box.  This will weed out any articles that do not pertain to a specific experiment or clinical trial.  Click on the magnifying glass icon to run the new search.

Looking at your results, you might find that some of the articles you have found do not have a University of Toronto faculty member as the author/co-author.  This is because when you limited your initial search by organizations, other institutions that have Toronto in their name were included in the search.  To remove those unwanted articles, simply click on Organizations-Enhanced on the left hand side of the screen and select University of Toronto. (Remember, there are three campuses a the UofT and you can include articles written by faculty from all three). This will now ensure that the articles you have found have a University of Toronto author.