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Research Guides

STA305 / STA1004: Design of Scientific Studies

Starting your Scopus search

To begin your search in Scopus, chose one or two keywords that accurately reflect your topic.  Search for your terms in Article Title, Abstract, Keywords.  This will allow you to create as broad a search as possible in Scopus.  (If you do not get any results using this search strategy, consider using different words for your search).  In order to limit your search to just those articles written by faculty at the University of Toronto, click on the box with the plus sign. This will give you an additional line to add to your search. On the new search line, search for  University of Toronto in Affiliation Name.   In this assignment, you will limit your search to articles published from 2010 to the present. In order to do this, click on Limit and change the date range to 2010.