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Research Guides

STA305 / STA1004: Design of Scientific Studies

Selecting your article in Scopus

When you are trying to find an article that you would like to use for the assignment, it can be extremely helpful to first read the Abstract of the article.  The abstract is typically a short paragraph outlining what the article is about and what the author(s) are trying to establish with the article.  Reading the abstract before perusing the entire article will save you a lot time and effort.

Once you have chosen a suitable article, you can click on the Full Text button.  This will take you to either the text of the article, or another button that will allow you to download a PDF of the paper.   (*Note:  Not all articles in Scopus are available in full-text.  If you don't see the Full Text button below the title of the article, it is best you select a different paper).