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Islamic Art and Architecture

Copyright Issues for Images

All digital images used in course assignments must be properly cited and credited (see research guide on style guides). For the most part, fair dealing in Canada ensures that students may use images for research and private study without obtaining permission from the image owner to use the image. HOWEVER, proper credit, a reference to owner and source, must be cited in your assignments. Check your required style guide for how to properly cite image information (MLA, APA, Chicago Style, etc.).

All digital images used in publications or on public websites must acquire permission from image owners, unless you are using an image in the public domain or from a creative commons site:

Copyright Resources

University of Toronto.

Queen's University Copyright Office: Queen's University offers an online tool to aid in evaluation of fair dealing situations and also offers the chance to learn more about fair dealing itself.  The tool can be found here.

University of Guelph Fair Dealing Tool: The University of Guelph has a similar tool, which can be found here.