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CIN211: Science Fiction Film

Help with your Writing

Writing Centre Appointments

  • If you are registered in Cinema Studies Course or an Innis College Student, you can book an appointment for writing help at Innis College Writing Centre
  • If you belong to another College, you can also book an appointment with your College Writing Centre


Online Tips Sheets for Students (UofT Writing)

Resources on writing, film criticism & citations

Book on Writing Film Analysis & Criticism

Available in eBook Format

Film Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Focused on Motion Pictures, use these resources to find definitions and background information on film topics and concepts. 

Citation Manuals

Citation Management Software

Citation management software makes it easier to keep track of your sources and to format your citations. 

U of T subscribes to RefWorks ProQuest, a database that lets you add references you find in the library catalogue and in article databases. RefWorks also works with Microsoft Word and Google Docs to allow you to format your in-text citations and reference list more easily.

You can also use a number of free citation management services, such as Zotero, which work with Microsoft Word. This citation management guide can help you compare the various free and paid services available, including U of T price discounts.

No citation management software is perfect - for example, it's easier to add books from the library catalogue to RefWorks, but it's easier to add blogs or websites to Zotero - and no software can tell you how and when to cite your sources. However, citation management software can save you valuable time formatting and organizing your research.

If you have any questions or want help set up the software, email your librarian Kate.