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HMU432: Topics in Twentieth-Century Music

This guide supports the research goals of HMU432: Topics in 20th-century music.

Searching Hacks

SEARCHING HACK: When looking for journal articles, search for your topic using key words based on your area of focus. Take advantage of the different search boxes in the Advanced Search menus to maximize your results. 

Fine tune your search using the boxes to the right of your search terms!


RILM Example:

Music Periodicals Database Example:


JSTOR example:

***Note that the "*" in the JSTOR and MP database searches is a wildcard and finds all results that begin with the root.

  • "Vienn*" retrieves "Vienna" and "Viennese";
  • "chin*" retrieves  "China", "Chinese", "Chinois", etc.

The "*" wildcard works in many major databases.