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PMU230: Topics in Vocal Performance

There are a number of great sources at the UTL to help you in your studies. This short, curated list of resources will help you get started on role study research.

Language-Related Research

It is important to be able to understand the libretto of a foreign-language opera. There are many resources available in the library to help you translate libretti so that you can understand what the characters are saying, including connotations and double entendre.

The Nico Castel IPA translations are available on the reference shelves in the library. Example: 

Published librettos are available in the ML50s (on the main floor near the photocopy room), and often give detailed translations PLUS introductions written by scholars who provide historical context and other relevant background material. Example:

Liner notes to sound recordings are available at the circulation desk, and often include extended essays providing historical context.

For translating and doing the IPA yourself, see the reference section for dictionaries in French, German, Italian, and many other foreign languages. Examples: