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PMU230: Topics in Vocal Performance

There are a number of great sources at the UTL to help you in your studies. This short, curated list of resources will help you get started on role study research.

Score-Related Research

In order to make historically and research-informed decisions about performance, it is important to analyze the form, harmony, melody, and motifs throughout the work.

All scores in the M section of the call number system. Beware of differences between various editions. For example, Bärenreiter scores are much more expensive and perhaps more accurate than Schirmer. Scholarly editions of scores contain critical notes to support decisions made about editorial markings in the score. The scores in each call number area below, are organized alphabetically by the composer's last name.

  • M1500 = Full opera scores
  • M1503 = Piano-vocal opera scores
  • M1620 = Solo vocal songs
  • M2000 = Oratorio full scores
  • M2003 = Piano-vocal oratorio scores
  • M2020 = Sacred music, full scores
  • M2023 = Sacred music, piano-vocal scores

Many scores are currently available for curbside pick up from the Music Library.