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Research Guides

JDM3619: Digital Media Distribution

A guide to business research tools available at UTL

Fictional company problem statement:

CANSound provides distribution services for Canadian music creators, film producers, and artists. Our rights management services help artists, labels, and managers sell their music through both established mainstream and decentralized channels, while retaining 100 percent focus on their creative projects and 100 percent of their sales revenue and rights.

Identify search terms

Brainstorm keywords

  1. What keywords can be found in the problem statement? Identify what is our company about and what terminology can been pulled out from the problem statement
  2. What terminology is used by the industries, companies, products, technologies?: Use Google to search for company websites and more to get started (even Wikipedia - but be sure to drill down and find the original source so you can confirm that the information is accurate) 
  3. What terms are used by researchers?: Search article databases and look at their keywords / subject heading / controlled vocabulary topics
  4. What are similar terms?: Think of synonyms, jargon, etc. These will be your fallbacks when your searches come up empty.
  5. Start with your top five: select the terms that best summarize the topic and start with those. You can iterate as you go along.

During the workshop we will keep a list of all the terms we find. It's a good idea to get into the practice of keeping research notes to evolve your search as you go along.