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ECE297: Communication and Design - Written Document 1: Graphics Proposal

Finding Scholarly Articles: Google Scholar

There are many tools for searching for scholarly research articles. We will preview Google Scholar here. Your team, however, may choose to use different tools.

Google Scholar is free to use but will only provide full text for many articles if you are logged in with your UTOR ID. Before running your search in Google Scholar, go to Google Settings and set your university affiliation.

Google Scholar ranks documents by considering the text of each document, where it was published, who wrote it, and how often and how recently it has been cited in scholarly publications. 

1. Using geographic information system

2. Using geographic information system with date filter set to 2014 - 2017

Analysis of results

Google Scholar gives you access to articles you won’t always find in Google. As well, it gives you easy access to information about how often an article is cited, who is citing it, and a listing of their publications. In some cases, you can also view a listing of all other publications by the main authors of the primary article, including a record of the number of citations for each of those publications.


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