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ECE297: Communication and Design - Written Document 1: Graphics Proposal

Using the Library Catalogue

Using the search terms handbook geographic information, we ran a search using the U of T catalogue.  We added the term "handbook" because we wanted a high level overview of the subject.  Other possible terms like "introduction" or "textbook" are also useful for this sort of high level search 


Analysis of results


This search, by title, in the U of T catalogue, directed us to survey handbooks. We can see that one of the entries, Springer Handbook of Geographic Information, looks promising. We see, as well, that it is available as an eBook, making for easy access. If we open the eBook and view the Table of Contents, we will notice Part C Applications shows numerous uses for GIS. The high-level survey offered in this handbook may provide a better starting point than a Google search. Both, however, are valid.

Though the Springer Handbook of Geographic Information is available through Google, you will have to pay for it. If you try to access it through Google Scholar, only sample pages are available.