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FAH205 Art in Antiquity

Visual Resources

Arachne, The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) Rome photo archive
ARTstor. A repository of hundreds of thousands of digital images and related data.
Beazley Archive - Classical Art Research Centre, University of Oxford.  Leading research centre on ancient art and includes the "world's largest collection of images of ancient figure-decorated pottery".
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. "A series of high-quality catalogues of mostly ancient Greek painted pottery in collections around the world."

Text Collections

  • Perseus Digital Library.  "An evolving collection of resources for the study of the ancient world, including archaeology, atlas, texts and translations, text tools and lexica."
  • The Internet Classics Archive. "... a list of 441 works from classical literature."      
  • The Homer Multitext  "seeks to present the Homeric IIiad and Odyseey in a critical framework that accounts for the fact that these poems were composed orally over the course of hundreds, if not thousands of years by countless singers who composed in performance."
  • The Virgil Project.  "Resources for Students, Teachers, and Readers of Vergil."
  • Loeb Classical Library – Downloadables.  Several sources are available for these texts. If you search under the title Loeb Classical Library – Downloadables you will find more sites if you need another access point.

Image Collections

ROM Royal Ontario Museum Digital Collection Online - 18,000 Objects. Copyright: Materials may be downloaded as per fair dealing in the Canadian Copyright Act for research, private study, education, parody, satire, criticism, review and news reporting only. They must not be modified and must retain any associated copyright or other proprietary notices. Users will acknowledge the source of the downloaded material.

FADIS: the Fine Art Digital Imaging System.  Login with your UTORid and password.

Free Images: Creative Commons and Public Domain

Images and Visual Resource Collections

Library 101: Digital Image Basics