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HIS372: United States in the 20th Century

A guide to support student learning and research in the history of the United States in the 20th century.

United States Reference Sources

Background information can help you understand issues, events and people involved in your studies. This knowledge can assist with assignments and searches for additional information and primary sources.

American History (Cambridge Histories Online)

This collection contains many volumes in a range of disciplines. The titles below link to the sections relevant to your course. Please avoid wandering out of these tiles since the context of your search could change.


These collections can provide valuable information about key figures in history. Many entries will list sources for the individual and identify key works written on the person. Once you can identify the title of a publication, you can search in the UTL catalogue or primary source text collections.

General Reference Collections

These sources will provide background information on the time periods and events in the 20th century.

They are not restricted to the United States, you could investigate world events.