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Teaching the Holocaust - Elementary to Secondary

The Holocaust in Children's Literature

Recommended children's resources, including both fiction and non-fiction. Books are divided by grade level, with additional series listings. Comics and graphic novels for a range of grade levels are listed separately. French-language books are included throughout.

Elementary School Level

Middle School Level

High School Level

Comics & Graphic Novels

Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers

The Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers from Second Story Press is accompanied by a 5-part teacher's guide that explores the major themes explored in the series' books. All titles in the series are for ages 9-13.

Ted Gottfried’s Holocaust Series

This series is intended for students aged 10-14.

Blackbirch Press Holocaust Series

In this comprehensive series, the story of the Holocaust is told within its broad historical context, year by year. With a text that blends historical narrative and primary sources, each volume explores the unique aspects and events that shaped each significant time period. Ages 10–14. Teachers Guide is also available.