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CSC358H5: Principles of Computer Networks

Resources outlined here help with parts of the spear phishing network security assignment: literature searching, report writing and source citation.

Secondary Sources (for Background)

These sources are full-text. You can download PDFs of chapters and do full-text searching to find what you need:

Where to get Academic Sources

Some of your authoritative documents from domain experts will be found by searching these databases and portals:

  • IEEE Xplore provides full-text access to IEEE transactions, journals, magazines and conference proceedings published since 1988 and all current IEEE Standards. Conference proceedings and technical reports may be the most useful documents for your report.
  • ACM Digital Library gives access to bibliographic information, abstracts, reviews, and the full-text for articles published in ACM periodicals and proceedings since 1985.
  • Inspec® is the world's leading bibliographic database covering the fields of computing and information technology. Inspec includes over 8 million records taken from 3,400 technical and scientific journals and 2,000 conference proceedings.
  • EI Compendex® is a comprehensive interdisciplinary database covering thousands of international journals, technical reports and conference proceedings (including hard-to-find conferences). The database covers computer and electrical engineering and many other fields.
  • CoRR is the Computing Research Repository. Through CoRR, members of the computing research community can submit technical reports and conference papers. Due to the accessible nature of the database, submitted papers are not refereed.