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CSC358H5: Principles of Computer Networks

Resources outlined here help with parts of the spear phishing network security assignment: literature searching, report writing and source citation.

Academic Skills Centre

The Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre offers individual consultations on the writing and planning process. You may wish to consult them as you write and format your technical report.



    Writing and Citing

    Based on your assignment description, your technical report should have these sections:

    • Abstract written using non-technical language.
    • Introduction which is accessible and written using non-technical language.
    • Body Sections will bear the names of the topics (spear phishing and the four remedies) you are researching and presenting, not the familar Methodology, Results and Discussion of lab reports.
    • Summary written using non-technical language, possibly including Policy Recommendations.
    • Bibliography using the IEEE Style .

    "A good [lab] report does more than present data; it demonstrates the writer's comprehension of the concepts behind the data." (Writing at the University of Toronto - Lab Report)

    Use thr Assignment Calculator link for more help with writing. You may wish to read the Lab Report Introduction and Abstract sections to prepare for writing those sections of your Technical Report:

    Once you are in the Assignment Calculator, writing and planning resources will be suggested to you.