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WSTC02 Feminist Qualitative Research in Action

A guide to assist UTSC students in WSTC02 to find and use library resources needed to successfully complete their assignments.

Catalogue Search


Searching for Books

On the library home page, go to the "Start your search" box

Search using the keywords of your topic - combine keywords using AND, OR, NOT.

You can also use limiting options like search by title, limit to online, or UTSC only.

Here's a search for books about suffrage in Canada:

image of library for topic of suffrage and Canada with red arrows pointing at options to search by title, limit to online, or UTSC only.



The results page will show books, articles, journals, and more. To see all of the book results, click "View all Books" at the bottom of the list.

image of list of results with an arrow pointing to see results of online books only, and another arrow pointing to a box to see all books results.



When you get the results, use the options along the left side to refine your search and get the most relevant results for your research. Don't forget to click "+More" to see all of the options.

Example: clicking on the subject of "History" will add that to your original search terms (suffrage AND Canada), giving you 34 results.

image of search results highlighting online books, clicking to see more, limiting by subject, and showing the call nuumber of a book and if it is in the library.



You can also limit to Online Resources by clicking that box on the left side of the results.

When you find a book that you like, check that it is IN, check which library it is at, and write down the call number so that you can find it in the stacks.


Inter-Campus Delivery

If you are looking for books that you can get from UTSC Library, click on the UofT at Scarborough option, to see only those books that we have here. *But you can get books from all UofT libraries.*

image of a library book showing the options button and the request button

To request a book from another library, click on the title of the book, click on the "Options" button, then click "request" and follow the instructions.

NOTE: Make sure that you order the book AT LEAST 3 business days (preferably a week) before you need it.


Inter-Library Loan

Click here for information about ordering books from other institutions if you can't find them at UofT Libraries.

Encyclopedias & Background Research

The print books listed below prioritize those physically located in the UTSC Library.