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WSTC02 Feminist Qualitative Research in Action

A guide to assist UTSC students in WSTC02 to find and use library resources needed to successfully complete their assignments.


WSTC02 Feminist Qualitative Research in Action
Winter 2018

Tuesdays 10-12, AC332

Instructor: Connie Guberman
Office: HW521

Undergraduate Research Events & Prizes!

The University of Toronto is well-known for its dynamic research environment, and U of T Scarborough is committed to fostering opportunities for undergraduate research experiences. As part of this commitment, the UTSC Office of the Vice-Principal Research and the UTSC Library launched two research initiatives in 2016: the UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum and the UTSC Undergraduate Research Prize. A third opportunity for recognition exists through the U of T Library system's Research Prize.

Each program provides an opportunity for students who have excelled in research, scholarship and creative activities to showcase their research and win cash prizes.

More Information

UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum - Application deadline: February 27, 2018

UTSC Undergraduate Research Prize - Application deadline: April 10, 2018

University of Toronto Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize - Application deadline: April 18, 2018