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Research Guides

HIS205: Topics in Women's History

Scholarly Surveys

A scholarly survey is a book that provides a broad overview of a period of history or a historical theme. It is a good place to start to gain a general understanding of your topic, and to provide context for it.


To find scholarly surveys

Method 1) Consult the bibliography of your textbook, or other secondary sources.

Method 2) Look for a reliable publisher or series.


      "very short introduction" series from Oxford

      Oxford handbook series

      Cambridge history series

fascism very short introduction being entered as keywords in the library search box

Method 3) Look up your topic as a book title. Then click on publication date to get the most recent titles first.


      french revolution

      french revolution introduction

      french revolution introduction being entered as keywords in the library catalogue search box

Historical Encyclopedias

Scholarly encyclopedias and dictionaries can also be excellent sources for overviews, and definitions. Find a few key titles below. Find more:

Gender and Women's Studies