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Information Resources for UofT Alumni and other Practising Dentists

About this guide

What resources can dentists who are not affiliated with a university access? This question is often asked by alumni, soon to be alumni, practicing dentists, or foreign-trained dentists who do not have a dental library within their city.

We would like to remind anyone in the GTA that the University of Toronto Dentistry Library is open to the public. This means that in addition to the resources provided in this guide, you can come in and use our collection in person.

UofT Alumni

If you graduated from U of T's Faculty of Dentistry, please see the tab called "Access for UofT Alumni" at the top of this guide to get more information about the options specifically available for you.

Non-UofT Alumni

Anyone who is not a U of T Faculty of Dentistry Alumni can use the tabs provided in this guide (except for UofT Alumni Access) to find free resources.

In addition, you can purchase an External Researcher Card in order to borrow materials from the library.

Search our collection

Search this box by author or subject and it will provide a list of resources available at all University of Toronto Libraries, not just at the Dentistry Library. It is free to come to the Dentistry Library to view materials that we own, but if you wish to borrow anything you will have to purchase either an Alumni Card or an External Researcher Card.