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EESC24 Advanced Readings in Environmental Science

Welcome to the research guide for EESC24. This guide will help you become familiar with different types scholarly information resources for environmental science research.

Narrowing a Topic

This short video demonstrates to students how to develop an appropriate topic for a research paper by considering goals, approaches, topic scope and helpful resources (Georgian College Library, 2016).

Example: Narrowing a Topic on Environmental Antibiotics

Why Narrow Your Topic?

• Helps to define your topic to a manageable scope

• Allows you to identify a problem that can guide your searching

Broad Topic:

Environmental Antibiotics

Still Broad:

Environmental antibiotics and waste management

Narrowed but still a bit broad:

Environmental antibiotics and waste management and hospitals

Narrowed Topic: 

Waste management of environmental antibiotics of hospitals in Canada.  

Concept Mapping

Some people find brainstorming techniques such as concept mapping to be helpful. Concept maps are linked nodes of concepts or ideas; the linking arrows demonstrate connections between nodes.


A concept map

Source: “concept_map_lrg,” jean-louis zimmermann

There are tons of different software options available to assist with concept mapping.

Here are a few browser-based tools to get you started: