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Research Guides

Communications and Marketing Support: University of Toronto Libraries

Tips for Running Effective Meetings

Facilitating meetings does not come naturally to everyone. Effective meeting planning and facilitation requires a skill set that can be learned and perfected. Here are a few resources to get you started. 

Community Tool Box, University of Kansas > Leadership and Management > Group Facilitation and Problem Solving > Conducting Effective Meetings

An excellent, succinct overview of all phases of meeting management, from planning to follow-up: 

  • What are effective meetings?
  • Why do you need effective meetings? 
  • How do you run effective meetings?
  • Phase 1: Planning the meeting
  • Phase 2: Setting up the meeting
  • Phase 3: Running the meeting
  • Phase 4: Following up on the meeting
  • Tips on handling difficult members

Here you will find tips for planning meetings, managing group dynamics and more. 

Tropman, J. E. (1996). Making meetings work: Achieving high quality group decisions. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications. (AS6 .T743 1996X, Robarts Library)

If you are looking for a more in-depth resource on meeting management, this is an excellent guide. 

Resources for providing tours

For Robarts Library tour scripts and tour support, please contact Communications Librarian Margaret Wall at

Event Promotion

Sample Promotional Plan for Events: Modify the template linked below to help create a promotional strategy for your events. To request promotional support for your event, please use the Promotional Support Request Form above.

Communications Checklist: The checklist linked below provides contact information for library and campus media vehicles. Staff should feel free to contact the media listed directly or to request support from the Communications Librarian (to request support, see the Request Promotional and Event Support tab).



The keys to the 2nd floor exhibit cases at Robarts are with John Corbin in Security. They can be signed out through his office. The keys for these cases are in the bunch numbered 24 and are individually numbered C415A. There are 4 such keys in the bunch.

The keys for the 1st floor exhibit cases can be signed out from the Information Desk.



Creating Great Presentations

See the Communicating: Visual ID tab for a link to the UTL PowerPoint template.

Creating Infographics

Video Conferencing with Skype Premium

UTL now offers Skype Premium for use in your next meeting. Take advantage of video conferencing, group calling and screen sharing options to make meeting with multiple people at multiple locations easier and more efficient.

See the attached document for instructions on using Skype Premium accounts. Please note: These shared accounts must be reserved in advance through Outlook to avoid conflicts. Contact Margaret Wall for the password to access this file. 

If you have questions about this service, please contact