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Communications and Marketing Support: University of Toronto Libraries

NOTE: The resources, logos and templates in this guide are for U of T Libraries staff only.

Style Guides

Please refer to the University of Toronto Style Guide and University of Toronto Libraries Web Style Guide when creating promotional materials for University of Toronto Libraries initiatives.

FOR LIBRARY STAFF ONLY: Templates and Release Forms

University of Toronto Communications (UTC)

Communications and Marketing Resources provided by the University's Strategic Communications & Marketing division:​

Guidelines for Use of the UTL Signature

The University of Toronto Libraries signature (crest + wordmark), shown below, should be used on all communications originating from the Libraries. As an official mark of the institution, it may not be used by external groups on promotional materials except in cases of partnerships with the Libraries and with written approval from the Libraries.


The University of Toronto Style Guide specifies that:

  • All of the University of Toronto’s signatures are official marks of the institution. As such, they should be protected and their use controlled.

  • U of T’s signatures consist of two elements – the crest and a wordmark (ex. University of Toronto Libraries). These two elements must always appear together – never use either the crest or the wordmark on its own.

  • Any U of T signature must always appear exactly as designed and must never be altered in any way.

  • There must always be a minimum margin of clear space around all U of T signatures. In general, this clear space must be equal to 50% of the height of the crest and appear around all sides of the signature in all print and digital materials, with the exception of websites where it must be equal to 25% of the height of the crest.

  • In print, the width of the crest within the signature must be 0.25” (0.7 cm) or larger.

  • In digital formats, the crest must be 80 pixels in height or larger.

  • All U of T signatures must appear in Pantone 655 and on a white background, except in black and white print materials in which case the signature must be printed in black and white.

  • In order for U of T signatures to be fully accessible, please do not use them reversed out (or ‘white on blue’).

  • The signature should be aligned with the left margin of the page whenever possible. If this is not possible, right alignment is recommended as the next best option. The signature should not be centered on the page.

All University of Toronto Libraries signatures are available from the Communications Librarian and are linked from this page. The Visual ID Help Desk supports the University of Toronto community with the appropriate use of the university's visual ID standards. 

For more information:

Jesse Carliner                                  

Communications Librarian  

Visual ID Help Desk

University of Toronto

FOR LIBRARY STAFF ONLY: University of Toronto Libraries Signature Files

The UTL 'signature' (logo) is comprised of the U of T crest and the University of Toronto Libraries wordmark ('University of Toronto Libraries'). Select the file below that is most appropriate  for the type of materials you are creating. Please refer to the usage guidelines on this page when designing your materials and please send finalized materials to or for review. 

The files linked below are password protected to prevent inappropriate use by individuals external to the University of Toronto Libraries. The logo and template files are for University of Toronto Libraries staff members only. To request the password contact