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ANT338 Laboratory Methods in Biological Anthropology

Sources of background information on the social, cultural and medical milieu of the Golden Horseshoe in the 1920 - 1950 period

Online Archives and Collections

WWI Christimas Card by crabchick on flickrOnline text collections (historical newspapers, immigrant letters or historical photographs) are PRIMARY SOURCES. Primary sources have been generated within the time period you are studying, and most have been originally in print (news articles, photos, pamphlets).

JSTOR is included in this list because journal articles from medical journals published in the 1920 through 1950s are primary sources as well.  They give us insights on how a disease like tuberculosis was understood by the medical establishment at the time.

Print Archives and Indexes

There are many archives collections within the Golden Horseshoe area, but you will not have time to consult them in person.  Instead, here you will find those few links you may access at the UTM Library. 

Electronic Journals to Browse

Here is an example of a journal that might have relevant articles on the evolution of TB treatment over the years. It can help you with the context for your research.

Primary Sources: Medical Books from the Period

Medical texts and histories make fine primary sources. Most of the books you will find in the system are in print at Gerstein, but if you request these via Document Delivery service (through the Request link in the catalogue), it will take only two business days to get them to UTM.