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Library 101: Digital Image Basics

Guide to best practices for cataloging images for research projects.

Images in Class Assignments

Print Assignment: Use the specifications under the heading Publishing - Graphic Images.

Web Assignment: Use the 72 ppi for the resolution. Resolution and file formats for web images need to be much smaller than for print images so that they can load quickly. The three main file formats used are JPG (JPEG), PNG and Gif. Generally, JPEG is the most widely used in various web formats and programs.

All digital images used in course assignments (whether electronic, web or print) must be properly cited and credited (see research guide on style guides). For the most part, fair dealing in Canada ensures that students may use images for research and private study without obtaining permission from the image owner to use the image. HOWEVER, proper credit, a reference to owner and source, must be cited in your assignments. Check your style guides for how to properly cite the information.