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Useful Studying Tips

Here are some useful links and tips about studying, preparing for tests, and how to stay ahead of the game so to avoid late night cramming.

Note Taking Tips:

  • Try using the left side margins on your lined note paper. Use the margin to write main headings and important points on the left, including material you think you will be tested on.
  • Sometimes in class we write notes so fast that we later can't read our own handwriting.  Try after class to get to a computer and type up your notes. This will not only give you organized notes that you can use later for studying but it also encourages one to review the course work.  Research indicates that 80% of new material can be recalled if you review notes within the first 24 hours of presentation.
  • Try to review your lecture notes everyday.
  • Attend class!

Test Taking Techniques and Preparation:

  • Study in a quiet, well lit environment.
  • Give yourself 10 days in advance to study, so that you can give yourself manageable sections to study every day. 
  • For every hour of studying, give yourself a 15-20 minute break. 
  • Before the exam, make sure you have a full night's worth of sleep and eat something beforehand so to give your brain 'food for thought'.


 The Writing Centre also provides some valuable note taking tips.

Past Exams

Check out past exams and mid-terms when studying for your courses. Get an idea of what to expect on your upcoming tests, and use these tools to prepare yourself. Check out the Old Exams Repository as well as ASSU's mid-term bank.​

Exam Schedule

Find out where you are writing your exam here.

Library Workshops

Library workshops are free classes for students.

Learn how to manage your references with Refworks. Or learn effective search strategies for your research. 

Find out more here and click on a particular library to see what workshops they offer.