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IFP100: Themes in World History

How to find books on your topic

Finding books on your topic is easy using the library's website. To find the book on the shelf, make sure you find the library (e.g. Robarts), location (e.g. stacks), and call number (e.g. HD9999 .C9473 U63 2010X).


Searching for books on the Library website

First, choose words that are important to your topic.  We call these keywords.  For example, if your assigned topic is "Hurricane Katrina", the obvious keywords are

  • Hurricane Katrina
You could choose to add in other keywords to focus on a particular aspect and narrow your search, for example
  • Hurricane Katrina disaster relief
  • Hurricane Katrina economics
  • Hurricane Katrina climate
You could also search on related or broader terms, such as
  • Hurricanes
  • New Orleans
  • Natural disasters

Once you have chosen your keywords, type them into the "Start your search" box on the library homepage and click Search.

Click on the word "Books" to check out the full list in the library catalogue. You can stick with your initial search or you can modify your search using the choices along the left-hand side. For example, you can choose only Robarts Library, or only online, or a specific sub-topic.

When you have found a book that you are interested in reading, you will be able to see the call number, library and availability of the book right in the search results.  What if my book has already been taken out by another person?

You can also click on the title to learn about about it.

Note the title, library and call number, and head off to the library to pick up your book!  


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