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IFP100: Themes in World History

Do I need to use the Library to find articles?

You can find some scholarly articles on Google. You might run into a couple of problems, though.


You may be asked to pay for the articles you find.

DON'T PAY! The U of T Libraries have bought ~35 million online scholarly articles for you to use. Chances are, we have your article. Come back to the Library homepage to look for it - here's how to look up an article by title.


You'll have to work harder to figure out if it's a scholarly article.

Google also has a lot of popular and quasi-scholarly material (like articles that haven't gone through peer review yet). This can make it harder to choose a good article.

Using the library to find a scholarly article means using the Library's online scholarly databases to search and access the Library's online scholarly articles. You can do this from home by signing in with your UTORID when prompted.

Finding scholarly articles

Scholarly article are one kind of scholarly source.  The library's website is the best place to find them. The videos below show you how in under 1 minute.