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Public Policy and Governance

Welcome to research in Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto Libraries. This guide describes selected online and print reference resources.

Finding publications by NGOs or IGOs

Finding research papers and reports released by NGOs and IGOs (Non-governmental organizations and Inter-governmental organizations) and other organizations is challenging.

This section identifies lists of organizations by subject and by name. It also identifies best search engines for finding research papers and reports put out by NGOs and other organizations. None of these search engines is fully comprehensive, which is why it is often necessary to search the organizations site by site.

Newspapers may identify that a report on a selected topic was issued, although they may not identify the source of the report.

You can find Canadian NGOs/IGOs resources here

Please note, if the resources you identify require payment or identify links at other universities, check in the library's catalogue, e-resources lists and with government document librarians for copies in the University of Toronto Libraries.

Indexes to article databases and other resources

NGOs and IGOs

Search engines for locating NGOs and IGOs

Policy websites