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Research Guides

Political Science

Get started with key print and online resources in political science.

Why use opinion polls?

Opinion polls provide information on popular public opinion, from both a historical and contemporary perspective. 

Using opinion polls in your research will allow you to examine how segments of populations are thinking, and identify the impact of government action on popular opinion (and vice-versa).


Canadian Public Opinion Polls 

  • via the Map and Data library

Forum Research polls

  • Donated to U of T's Political Science department
  • Includes municipal, provincial, and federal issues from recent years
  • More information

ODESI: a voyage in data discovery 

  • Web-based data exploration, extraction and analysis tool that provides researchers with the ability to search for survey questions (variables) across hundreds of data sets held in a growing number of collections 
  • Supports basic tabulation and analysis online, and allows users to download most data sets into statistical software for further analysis
  • Key polling data collections include Canadian Opinion Research Archive (CORA), Canadian Gallup, and Ipsos Reid and more

United States

United States Public Opinion Polls 

  • via the Map and Data Library


International Public Opinion Polls 

  • Information provided by Laine Ruus, former Data Librarian, University of Toronto

College & Library Research News: "Guide to public opinion poll web sites: Polling data from around the world" (journal article)

  • Full article citation: Thompson, G., et al, "Guide to public opinion poll Web sites: Polling data from around the world." College & Research Libraries News v. 67 no. 9 (October 2006) p. 566-70