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Health Policy, Management & Evaluation (HPME)

Keeping Current

A few technological tools can help the busy professional or researcher separate the wheat from the chaff when keeping up to date.

Wikis, Social Software, RSS feeds & Newsreaders, Mashups , the Blogosphere, and Podcasts are the newest trends in information tools for spotting trends in your field - the key for getting the most out of these tools is to use a critical eye and be willing to collaborate.

Alerts can help you find the scholarly literature by automatically searching for articles, eTOCs, and news in the field. Set up search alerts for databases, eAlerts for individual journals TOCs. Most major medical journals now offer RSS, XML or ATOM feeds.

To Google or not to Google ...
For your comprehensive Internet searches, check these additional WWW sources:
Grey Literature helps you find government reports and other data sources not published in academic journals. Check out the Invisible Web for tips on finding the 84% of information on the WWW not indexed by Google or other search engines.


RSS Feeds

Blogs & Forums

The blogosphere has become a virtual space for professional communities to discuss issues in the field across geographical barriers and timezones.

Many blogs have RSS Feeds available.

Start your own blog: