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Health Policy, Management & Evaluation (HPME)

Intro to RSS and alerts

' ' RSS (aka Really Simple Syndication) and email alerts help you keep up to date with new information from all types of sources, including:

  • news or announcements in health and medicine from media outlets or government sites
  • table of contents (ToCs) from latest journal issues
  • new journal articles on your research topic, based on personal searches in a specific database
  • new books at the library

RSS in Plain English


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Managing RSS: Feed Readers

' 'RSS feeds publish frequently updated web content in a standardized XML format - you can subscribe to and manage these feeds with feed readers or aggregators. Some commonly used free (and freemium) feed readers are listed below:

Apps for phones and tablets

' 'These apps can be used to collect and read the latest news, articles, and more from your favourite journals, newspapers, and websites:

Latest Public Health Research @ U of T

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Latest from CIHR

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News from the Public Health Agency of Canada

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CBC Health News

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News & Emerging Outbreaks

CDC Public Health Matters Blog

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