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Grey Literature and Statistics for Dentistry

This guide provides a summary of grey literature resources and oral health statistics that are considered important for dental research. On the left hand side menu, the resources are organized geographically by Canada, the US and International resources.

Statistics and Reports

Farmer J, Singhal S, Ghoneim A, Proaño D, Moharrami M, Kaura K, McIntyre J, Quiñonez C. Environmental scan of publicly financed dental care in Canada: 2022 update. Toronto, ON: Dental Public Health, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto. 

Health Canada (2011). Inuit Oral Health Survey Report 2008-2009. Ottawa, Ontario: Health Canada; 2011. Provides the results of the Oral Health Survey of Inuit conducted by the Office of the Chief Dental Officer of Canada in conjunction with the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and the Government of Nunatsiavut, Department of Health and Social Development (Newfoundland and Labrador); Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (Nunavut); and the Inuvialuit Region Corporation (Northwest Territories). It provides estimates of the burden of oral health conditions as of 2008-2009 across all areas of Canada's north, except Nunavik.

The First Nations Information Governance Centre (2012). Report on the Findings of the First Nations Oral Health Survey (FNOHS) 2009-10The data collected through this survey is owned and controlled by First Nations and is compliant with the First Nations Principles of OCAP (Ownership, Control, Access and Possession). This project was developed in collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Office of the Chief Dental Office of Health Canada. The FNOHS took advantage of the opportunities and built upon the First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS) infrastructure and processes to conduct the survey

Statistics Canada, 2023, "Canadian Health Measures Survey, Cycle 1 – Oral Health: Public Use Microdata File, 2007-2009",, Abacus Data Network, V2, UNF:6:MsY1vkUnU73OPQOr7PwRRA== [fileUNF]

Health Canada (2017). 2017 Fall Reports of the Auditor General of Canada: Report 4:  Oral Health Programs for First Nations and Inuit—Health Canada. The objective of this audit was to determine whether Health Canada had reasonable assurance that it delivered oral health programs to eligible Inuit and First Nations people that helped to maintain and improve their oral health.



Sample Articles


Kyoon-Achan, G., Schroth, R. J., Sanguins, J., Campbell, R., Demaré, D., Sturym, M., Edwards, J., Bertone, M., Dufour, L., Hai Santiago, K., Chartrand, F., Dhaliwal, T., Patterson, B., Levesque, J., Moffatt, M., & Scaling Up the Healthy Smile Happy Child Team (2021). Early childhood oral health promotion for First Nations and Métis communities and caregivers in Manitoba. Promotion de la santé buccodentaire des jeunes enfants auprès des collectivités et des fournisseurs de soins des Premières Nations et des Métis du Manitoba. Health promotion and chronic disease prevention in Canada : research, policy and practice41(1), 14–24.

Lee, J., Schroth, R. J., & Lawrence, H. P. (2022). Nishtam Niwiipitan (My First Teeth): Oral Health Digital Stories from Urban Indigenous ParentsJDR clinical and translational research, 23800844221117143. Advance online publication.

Martin, D., McNally, M., Castleden, H., Worden-Driscoll, I., Clarke, M., Wall, D., & Ley, M. (2018). Linking Inuit Knowledge and Public Health for Improved Child and Youth Oral Health in NunatuKavutJDR clinical and translational research3(3), 256–263.

McKinnon, M. A., Odoh, O., Taylor, P., Charlie, D., Morry, J., Mathu-Muju, K., & Donnelly, L. (2022). Developing a land-based oral health promotion project with an Indigenous community in northern British Columbia, Canada. Canadian journal of dental hygiene : CJDH = Journal canadien de l'hygiene dentaire : JCHD56(3), 172–176.'

Mehra, V. M., Ali-Hassan, Y., Tamim, H., & Costanian, C. (2020). Prevalence and Factors Associated with Visiting the Dentist Only for Emergency Care Among Indigenous People in OntarioJournal of immigrant and minority health22(1), 96–101.

Ogenchuk, M., St Pierre, R., Uswak, G., Graham, H., Weiler, R., & Ramsden, V. R. (2021). Community led: celebrating wellness with a smileInternational journal of circumpolar health80(1), 1962023.

Schroth RJ, Halchuk S, Star L. Prevalence and risk factors of caregiver reported severe early childhood caries in Manitoba First Nations children: results from the RHS Phase 2 (2008-2010). Int J Circumpolar Health. 2013;72:doi: 10.3402/ijch.v3472i3400.21167.

Shi, C., Faris, P., McNeil, D. A., Patterson, S., Potestio, M. L., Thawer, S., & McLaren, L. (2018). Ethnic disparities in children's oral health: findings from a population-based survey of grade 1 and 2 schoolchildren in Alberta, CanadaBMC oral health18(1), 1.

Tiwari, T., Jamieson, L., Broughton, J., Lawrence, H. P., Batliner, T. S., Arantes, R., & Albino, J. (2018). Reducing Indigenous Oral Health Inequalities: A Review from 5 NationsJournal of dental research97(8), 869–877.