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Research Guides

Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

A research guide to help you find relevant books and articles in the field of biomaterials and biomedical engineering.

Article Databases

When should I use databases?

  • Looking for scholarly articles
  • Looking for articles on a very specific topic
  • Looking for more than just background information

Subject specific databases vs Interdisciplinary databases

  • Subject specific databases will have a collection of information about a specific field, such as mechanical & industrial engineering
  • Interdisciplinary databases will have a collection of information about many different fields, such as biology, health, engineering, social sciences, etc.

Top database picks for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering:

Subject Specific



Compiled by Marilyn Nazar. Adapted from a my.library guide (Biomaterials and bioengineering) created by Cindy Poggiaroni. Updated by Norah Xiao, Michelle Spence, and Colleen McDonald.