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Education: K-12 Teaching Resources

This guide provides recommended K-12 teaching resources for students enrolled in the Master of Teaching and Master of Arts in Child Study and Education programs at OISE.

K-12 Databases

Online resources listed on this page have been designed for use by K-12 students. In terms of content and reading level, these resources are appropriate for students at the primary / elementary / secondary level(s).

All of these resources are licenced and available through the University of Toronto Libraries. To access the resources, you will need to log in with your UTORid and password.

Some of these resources are also licenced and available online through public libraries or school board libraries. Check with your associate teacher for additional information.

Kids InfoBits

Kids InfoBits is a database of images, charts and graphs, maps, flags, newspaper and magazine articles, and encyclopaedia entries designed specifically for primary and junior level students.  

Kids InfoBits Icon

TumbleBook Library

TumbleBook Library is an engaging and interactive online collection of animated talking picture books for primary and junior level students. Tumblebook Library includes additional resources such as lesson plans, quizzes, and activities.

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a challenging (and addictive) online spelling game that adapts to your skill level.  Activities are appropriate for intermediate and secondary level students.

Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus is an online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words which generates interactive concept maps.  This resource is recommended for visual learners at the intermediate and secondary levels.

Canada in Context

Canada in Context is a database for intermediate and secondary students.  It includes magazine and newspaper articles, videos, sound files, images, and more on topics including Canadian history, government, geography, literature, science, and popular culture.

Media Smarts

Media Smarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy.  In addition to providing many freely available lesson plans, activities, games, and quizzes, the site includes a number of licensed online modules and tutorials, available through the University of Toronto Libraries. Two examples include:

  1. Deconstructing Online Hate This resources explores the ways in which agendas of hate are promoted on the Internet and the ways in which young people may be targeted by or exposed to hate. It examines the line between hate speech and free speech, provides an overview of relevant legislation and voluntary industry codes, examines the contexts in which hate occurs and explores solutions and responses. Included are key articles along with the latest reports and surveys on these issues.
  2. Exploring Media and Race  This resource explores issues related to the ways in which media represents or misrepresents specific groups of people; how media can influence our attitudes; and the ethical decisions associated with being a media consumer. Topics include body image, gender representation, and diversity.