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Toronto, Ontario

A guide to help students find information about Toronto, Ontario.


Urban Studies

Centre for Urban and Community Studies at U of T

The Centre for Urban and Community Studies (CUCS), established in 1964, promotes and disseminates multidisciplinary research and policy analysis on urban issues.

The Centre’s activities contribute to scholarship on questions relating to the social, economic and physical well-being of people who live and work in urban areas large and small, in Canada and around the world.

CUCS's Urban Affairs e-Library

  • Browse full-text articles via the following headings:
    • Urban Issues: Global / Canada / Toronto
    • Urban Diversity and Immigration
    • Aboriginal Housing and Urban Issues
    • Affordable Housing
    • Homelessness and Poverty
    • Community Development

CUCS's Research Bulletins

  • CUCS Research Bulletins present a summary of the findings and analysis of the work of researchers associated with the Centre. The aim is to disseminate policy relevant findings to a broad audience.

CUCS's Canadian Urban Policy Archive

  • The Archive contains out-of-print and difficult to find urban planning and housing documents from the twentieth century. It is intended to be helpful to researchers and students. An abstract of each document is provided together with a PDF with the document.

Canadian Urban Institute

  • The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in urban areas across Canada and internationally.

Government Publications

Since the mid-1990s, governments have made many of their publications freely available on the Internet.

If you have an exact title, search it as a phrase (in Google) by putting quotation marks around it.

If you're looking for material by topic, you may want to first narrow your search to only government publications by using this site, via Carleton University:

Canadian Government Documents (a Google custom search)

  • Searches across federal, provincial and municipal sites; results can be broken down by level of government.

Library of Parliament Research Publications

  • These papers are issued by the Parliamentary Library of Canada to provide advice to MPs on topics of interest relating to all aspects of public administration.
  • The site provides access to a collection of recent papers arranged by topic. Each paper sets out existing government policy and legislation and makes proposals for reform.