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BIOD13 Herbology

This guide will help students in the course BIOD13 to find relevant resources to discover the science behind medicinal plants including books, articles, and websites.

ACTIVITY: Highlight Keywords

Topic keywords word cloud

The above word cloud identifies the herbs and plants you are investigating.

 keywords word cloud of herbology assignment

The above word cloud are keywords you identified that describes your research topic. Use these keywords to find articles.

Other Considerations

  • find primary articles and not just review articles
  • to help you determine if the article is relevant:
    • consider if the article has the name of your plant species in the title of the article
    • also what is the name of the journal - is it related to your research questions and discipline?

Key Databases

Health Sciences Databases

Other Databases

Journal of herbs, spices & medicinal plants

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Planta Medica

Available online and in print at Gerstein

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