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VIC 110 - Critical Perspectives on Society

General information to support VIC 110 as taught by Prof. David Cook. This seminar course examines the contribution of an individual or individuals to the public sphere. Students will explore how public service and citizenship are developed.


This research guide is intended for Professor David Cook's Fall 2023 course. In addition to texts on the syllabus, it includes supplementary reference books, biographies, special and digital collections that flesh out the works of scholars studied in this course.

Additionally, students may benefit from writing centres and writing and research workshops offered at the University of Toronto to get advice for structuring essays and editing drafts.

This guide was created by Harshita Singh, Graduate Reference Assistant (GRA), 2022. It is currently maintained and updated by Danielle Wong, GRA at E.J. Pratt Library, Victoria University in the UofT.