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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

A research guide to help you get started with SoTL projects and searching the literature.

What is SoTL?

The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) is a growing area of research in higher education that centres student learning through both a reflective and scholarly approach to teaching. According to SOTL Canada,  SoTL “has at its core the goal of improving student learning. This is achieved through scholarly inquiry about learning, about teaching, and about how to best make public the resulting findings.”

The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) states that SoTL "generally entails the study of student learning and the public sharing of these investigations. Many faculty take a scholarly approach to teaching such as reading the higher education pedagogical literature, reviewing and making changes to teaching based on course evaluation data, or attending teaching-related professional development workshops." 

Introductory Readings on SoTL


For more key readings in the field and references on conducting SoTL studies, explore the U of T SoTL Hub