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PSY480 Special Topics in Perception

The guide is designed to help students to complete specific assignments such as the neuropsychological test case study

Working with Neuropsychological Tests

We have access to psychological tests and measures in a variety of ways:

  • through using specific test databases
  • in neurology and neuropsychology research articles describing tests used extensively during the research process

Databases include:

PsycTESTS database (with the PsycINFO Thesaurus - alternative link)

Let's take a look at searching PsycTESTS for the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Revised test (WAIS-R):

image of the PsycTESTS search

Sometimes it is easier to browse the tests using the PsysTESTS thesaurus (the same one as in PsycINFO):

One problem with the test records is that often the test instrument will be described but not INCLUDED as a full text document. It takes some searching through the published literature to find the text of the test.

Sample Journal Articles

I have included a sample of up-to-date articles (with full references) showing how researchers use various neuropsychological tests in clinical situations. Sometimes tests, if modified, may be included in an Appendix.

Books and Other Test Resources

We have a variety of resources in our collection to help you learn about, and interpret, test results: