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LCT306 Culture and Media (Sound Studies) winter 2024

Sound/Music in Film: reference sources & a few books

Many of the books listed above and the tips below are borrowed with appreciation from the excellent MUS210 Music in Film Research Guide, co-created by librarians, Kate Johnson (Cinema Studies, Innis College Library) and Tim Neufeldt (University of Toronto Music Library).

Suggestion to search for (e)books on sound/music in film

Subject headings are similar to tags or hashtags. They describe the topic of an item in a database, but unlike tags they come from an official, standardized set of terms and are assigned by cataloguing experts.

Use subject headings

  1. Click on the UTL Catalogue Advanced Search link below
  2. Enter any of the subject headings listed below (exactly as it appears) in the Search Box
  3. Change the dropdown menu from Anywhere to Subject
  4. Limit your search results to eResources by clicking the Online checkbox

UTL Catalogue Advanced Search 

concert films

film soundtracks

film composers

filmed musicals

jazz in motion pictures

motion picture music

motion pictures and music

motion pictures and opera

motion pictures sound effects

musical films

musicals opera in motion pictures

operas film adaptations

popular music in motion pictures

rock films

silent film music

sound in motion pictures

sound motion pictures

sound recording and reproducing

voice in motion pictures