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History Resources at the UTM Library

History Course Resources

Below you will find course specific guides designed in consultation with faculty to support your research assignments.

HIS 103 Revolutions in History (Summer 2023)

HIS 213 A History of the Present: Conspiracy Theories in History (Fall 2022)

HIS 214 Comparative Genocide (Summer 2022)

HIS 221 Themes in Medieval History: Knowing and Unknowing the Middle Ages (Fall 2022)

HIS 241 Nineteenth-Century European History (Fall 2021)

HIS 242 Contemporary European History (Winter 2023)

HIS 262 What is Canada? (Winter 2021)

HIS 271 US History, Colonial Era to 1877 (Fall 2023)

HIS 272 US History, 1877 to the Present (Winter 2023)

HIS 308 Themes in the History of Women Before 1800 (Summer 2020)

HIS 340 The European Reformation, c. 1450-1600 (Winter 2020)

HIS 342 / FRE 342 History of Quebec and French Canada (Winter 2023)

HIS 357 The European Renaissance (Winter 2023)

HIS 372 The United States in the 20th Century (Fall 2022)

HIS 395 Topics in History: Money and Markets in Canada (Fall 2023)

HIS 395 LGBTQ2+ Oral History: Queer Peel (Omeka S Assignment) (Winter 2020)

HIS 409 The Life Cycle in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Winter 2021)

HIS 484 Religion and Public Culture in Modern South Asia (Winter 2021)

HIS 494 Advanced Topics in the History of the Americas: US Politics and Culture in the 1970s (Winter 2023)