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GGRB28: Geographies of Disease

This guide will help students in GGRB28 with finding articles for the annotated bibliography and other resources for the final research assignment.

Learning Outcomes

Developing Your Topic 

  1. You will brainstorm and present a working research topic by determining the who, what, where, and when (if applicable) of your topic so to guide your research, reading, and writing of your topic. 

Search Strategies 

  1. You will identify a list of keywords specific to your topic in order to retrieve relevant books and articles in a library database for your research assignment. 

  1. You will learn to design and refine search needs and search strategies as necessary and based on search results.   

Activity 1: Research Activity Board

Activity 1: Research Challenges

Use the Padlet below, click on the + symbol in bottom right corner, and start your discussion board. 

Finish the sentence:

When it comes to research I have the most trouble with...

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Key e-Resources